Rawrs rawrs

rose flying

NUMBER: eight


SKIN COLOR: gray/ roseish

A WHAT: a hegdehog

WHAT GAME ROSE WOULD APPER IN: mario and sonic at the olympic games/ winter olympic games, Sonic and sega all stars racing, sonic unleased, shadow the hedghog, sonic and the black knight (as herself only, no sir or whatever), and sonic colors.

BOSS: yes, yes, no, yes, yes, yes/no, and yes

IF YES, HOW MUCH HEATLH. IF NO, WHY?: none, none, none, 1,000 heatlh, 1,500 heatlh, 2,000 health, and 20 hits.

HISTORY: Rose has no childhood, because she was created by doctor eggman to destory sonic once and for all. but, she was tooken to a museum, and her capluse opened there. by far, her 'life' as been sturlge because of her progaming.

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